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Shoe Sketch

Shoe Repair, special case:  Tread wore out unevenly, or side support too weak

Important: The above Sketch and repair are only approximations; Cases and repair details vary.  Note the screw-heads, stems, and healthcare-style adhesive-tape shown act to provide spacing & support. Washers may be added under screw-heads to increase spacings.  Also optionally, adhesive tape strips may be added over screw-heads, but that may compromise appearance and often need replacing.  ((Sometimes a horseshoe-shaped thin self-sticking, flexible magnetic plastic strip also applied to shoe pad’s lower surface (not shown).))  Read the related article, including ‘Cautions’, before deciding what repair methods to use, or even if any repair should be attempted.  (In some cases, the above repair also helps rather new shoes where some parts fatigued prematurely.)  

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